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Virtual Festival Schedule 
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Tuesday, Aug 25th
A Revolution in Words

6:30pm:  Folk 
Music - Heartland Connections
Musician: Daniel Watkins

 Voices of Suffrage   
Julia Ward Howe (Jessica Perry) 
Caroline Nichols Churchill (Liesl Jensen) 

7:30pm:  Walt Whitman: A Song of Myself   
(Brian “Fox” Ellis) 

:  Live Q & A with  Presenters

Sponsored by Bishop Hill Heritage Association

Wednesday, Aug 26th
The Legacy of Discovery

6:30pm: WQPT presents Ken Burns’ The GENE    (preview clips)

7:00pm: Charles Darwin & His Revolutionary Idea   (Brian "Fox" Ellis)

8:00pm: Exclusive Clips from Humanity Needs Dreamers: A Visit With Marie Curie (Susan Marie Frontczak)

8:15pm: Susan Marie & Fox Discuss Performing Science

Sponsored by the Butterworth Center Deere-Wiman Home, WQPT, and STEM On Stage

Thursday, Aug 27th
The Promise of Freedom

Live Online Performances! 


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6:30pm:  Music - Heartland Connections: 

Featured Musician: Lewis Knudsen 

7:00pm:  Francis Tasker Carter: Colonial Aristocracy (Darci Tucker)

7:30pm:  Freedom! Or Not? Sarah Cooper’s Story      (Sheila Arnold)

8:00pm: Q & A with Presenters

Sponsored by Jacksonville Convention and Visitors’ Bureau